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How to perfectly match sportswear for the team and fans?

Sportswear has a difficult task to perform – clothes should be comfortable, airy, aesthetic and meet the requirements set out in sports regulations. In practice, it is extremely difficult to match the perfect outfit that meets all the criteria. Thanks to COLO, it is possible to combine the above requirements while maintaining the aesthetic appearance and a modern, sporty image.

Kits are not only used by team players. They can also be a great way for fans to symbolically show their unity with their favourite team. Spectators, players’ families and people associated with the club often go for polo shirts or traditional sports T-shirts in the colours of the club. In this way, they show their commitment to the team and support their achievements during the games.

The sportswear worn by athletes undoubtedly has an impact on their performance. A large overload of the body during exercise and training results in sweating. However, by putting on properly selected sportswear, you can ensure comfort and, above all, significantly minimize the risk of overheating the body.

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